Terrarium Kit

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Unleash your creativity with our DIY Terrarium Makers Kit. This beautiful large jar (8 inches tall) comes with everything you need except the plant! Add an air plant here.  
Kits include:
-Large jar with cork
-Reindeer moss (for decoration and drainage)
-Rocks (for decoration and drainage)
-Wondersoil wafer
-Orchid bark (for decoration and drainage)
-Bamboo tongs for placing items into jar
Dimensions 4" l x 4" w x 9" h

For an Air Plant (Tillandsia) Terrarium

  • Drainage Materials: Tillandsia do not need anywhere to put roots down, so it's your choice which materials to put into your jar and the order of the layers.  Tillandsia can rot if they are ever sitting in water, so it's best not to use soil as the top layer, which can retain too much moisture.  We recommend sand, rocks, bark or moss as the surface to set your air plant on.
  • Light: Air plants like bright indirect light.  Too much heat can dry out your air plant, though leaving the cork on your jar will help retain the humidity inside.
  • Water: Best practice for watering your air plant is to remove it and soak it completely every week or so.  In a humid terrarium there will be much less need for removal and frequent watering, but make sure there is some moisture inside your jar.  There is no need for any soil since tillandsia don't put downward roots like most plants.  You can rest them on rocks, sand, bark, moss or any other surface, just make sure that surface is not wet all the time, as it can cause your air plant to rot.

For a Tropical Terrarium

  • Drainage Materials: Tropical plants need somewhere for their roots to establish, so you'll likely want to include soil in your terrarium if you're going to place a fern or other small tropical plant.  Put rocks, sand or bark at the bottom to create a reservoir for excess water, and then layer your choice of sand, moss, etc.
    • It will be easier to put your plant into your jar, THEN add soil and other materials on top of the roots than it is to try and plant the roots after you've added all your materials.
  • Light: Most tropicals like medium-bright indirect light. The leaves will burn if tropicals get too much direct sun through the glass.
  • Water: Although you can water tropical plants more, you still don’t want to over water these plants in your terrarium. Allow the top inch or so of the soil to go dry between waterings, and water at the base of each plant using your watering can or spray bottle. Between waterings, these plants will love a spritz from a mister and leave the cork lid in place to promote a humid environment. The leaves will tell you when it's time to water since they will wilt slightly between waterings or turn brown and crispy. Mush stems or yellow means too much water and it’s time to replace these.  Water less during the winter.