Tal & Bert Tea Light Holders

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Restocking fall/winter 2020! Did you know before Val and Ray had Tal & Bert, Val had an awesome jewelry line! Check out her Maverick Objects gemstone earrings! 

This tea light holder is made from hand-poured and sculpted cement. We use a hollow breakage in the design to create a geode from raw natural stones that we have self mined. Each geode shape and size will slightly vary from holder to holder. We edge the geode area in liquid gold to create a stunning look. You will receive one white & unscented tea light candle with your order. There is a divot in the design where the tea light sits.

Size: Outside - 2.5" (w) x 1.3" (h).


Tal & Bert is the meeting point of raw natural minerals and industrial concrete. Our designs are made from hand poured concrete that has been sculpted by hand in small batches. Our work is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, finding the beauty in imperfections. We take the cracks and breakages in the concrete and turn them in to designs inspired by minerals we mine. Ray handles the mixing of the cement as well as polishing, sanding and sealing all the pieces. Val does the detail work of adding the stones and edging the design in liquid gold while also doing some sanding. Our studio is located just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa.