Perfectly Imperfect Mini Planter

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Perfectly imperfect concrete mini planter.

Mini:2.25" h x 1.75" round, White with gold. intentional cracks and crevices highlighted with gold details.

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It will NOT be the exact planters in these pictures but it will be this size and style. Each piece is handmade and the cracks & crevices vary in size & shape on each planter. There are intentional cracks and "imperfections" in the planter which adds to each planter's unique, industrial, raw appeal.


Gwen and Nathan Mclamb are the husband and wife team and makers behind Dovekie and Finch. Over the last 2 years they have continued to learn more about creating with concrete and the science behind a quality artisan concrete piece. They love to incorporate copper, moss, leather, and paint into their creations. They have a deep love of plants so designing planters was an obvious choice and makes up a large percentage of their work.

Each and every item is handmade in small batches. These items are not PERFECT. They are not made by a machine. They are handmade by Gwen & Nathan out of their small home in Pennsylvania. As is the nature of concrete each item will vary somewhat in exact appearance.