Perfect Picnic Blanket

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Enjoying a picnic at the park under a shady tree. Poolside to cover up the hot reclining chairs. Spread on the sand while the littles run back and forth to the edge of the surf with their buckets and shovels. Over your shoulders to shade from the sun while you sit in the bleachers.

The easy-care Perfect Picnic Blanket packs down small, is thin and lightweight, and will take you on many adventures this summer!

At 40" x 68", it is about two-thirds the size of a regular throw blanket. Woven with combed cotton, it features 3" tasseled fringe on two ends. 

This blanket is woven in India. You may be surprised, as Iconic features USA-made products. We were surprised as well when we ordered from a U.S. mill with a proud heritage to find this product is not USA-made. But these blankets are not returnable, so we offer them to you at a discount.

Due to the misunderstanding on ordering, this product will not restock. When they're gone, they're gone!