Oats and Milk (Milk Bath)

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Expose your skin to nature's moisturizer. Soft Dry Milk and Organic Steel- Cut Oats are combined to restore moisture and soothe dry skin with the swirling goodness of Oats+Milk. 

These milk baths have been used for centuries by Goddesses to their fairness and complexion.  It works as a natural exfoliant, to remove dead skin cells, revealing the fresh, younger looking skin that’s been hiding underneath.

Milk is also incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals that aid in slowing down the aging process while helping to maintain the skin’s natural elasticity.

These bath can be added to your bathing rituals after laying out in the sun. Just pour a 1/2 cup under warm running water. When bath is full mix water around by hand then immerse and relax.

(4oz Plastic Bag)

Ingredients: Organic Dry Milk, Organic Steel-Cut Oats, Epsom Salt, Sweet Almond Oil, Non- GMO Vitamin E

All Butter Love by L.C. products are made by hand and with love, in St. Louis City.