Handwoven Basket "Harvest Bread"

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Handwoven with an expert eye for form and function, any of these baskets will add texture and harmony to your living space. 

After weaving and final shaping, each basket gets a walnut dip to saturate the colors and imbue a rich finished look. 

The Bread Basket does exactly what it says, perfectly cradling a tea towel and your bread du jour. The three rows of looped reeds on the side are added after the basket is construction to turn these everyday items into conversation pieces. They measure 8x14.5x4" approximately. 

Iconic's weaver MJ hand-dyes all her own reeds in a Kansas-based studio. Her baskets, both the utility pieces and the art gallery show pieces, all show an incredible eye for proportion and impeccable craftwomanship. 

For custom baskets, please reach out to Jaime@IconicStyleHome.com and let's see what sort of magic we can weave up together with this amazing artisan.