DoGood Adventures Modern Candles

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Citrus + Sandalwood: Ever read a romance novel? Well it's our secret summertime treat. This scent was developed after reading the description of a main character in one of our latest binge reads......a heady combination of citrus and sandalwood. A smooth, masculine sandalwood scent combined with the vibrance of citrus makes a musky scent that is vibrant and full of life....and, maybe just a little sexy.

Black Sea: For the modern sophisticate, the scent will bring you to the oceanside with hints of mystery and intrigue. This scent is seductive and alluring with sea salt, citrus and a darker layer of amber and musk.

Black Currant Absinthe: An intriguing and exciting scent that has distinct notes of black currants and blackberries with and underlying sensual layer of cedarwood and patchouli. This complex, alluring and upscale scent is perfect for any room in your home and definitely sets the scene for drama and intrigue.