Blush Linen Tablecloth

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This soft 100% linen tablecloth conveys an air of versatility and informality. Or if you prefer, fashion a more stylish table by dressing it up with some of your favorite place settings and glassware. A ½-inch hem with ivory stitching and three hand-embroidered Xs on one edge will have your guests commenting on the lovely nature of its delicate details.


Celina Mancurti is an Argentine textile designer living in U.S.A. Her roots, culture,and background from lovely Buenos Aires are the imprint of her designs, style, and life. After working on the textile industry for more than 10 years She decided to start her own company and explore outside of the industry standards. She has a passion for presrving the handcrafted work that had long been the hallmark of textile making. She has been influenced by organic fibers and eco-friendly notions turning her vision toward a more sustainable product. The offspring of this marriage is a collection fully handcrafted with 100% linen, hand-screen printed at her studio in Tampa, FL. and sewed with organic cotton thread. She creates simple and practical linens that would be in the families for generation to come.