Mini Cutting Board

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Live-edge mini cutting boards bring natural beauty and organic lines into your kitchen, and they do double duty in the dining room as a trivet. We use one as a permanant dias for salt, pepper, and frequently used spices next to the stove top! Useful and beautiful, you will delight in this hand-crafted and thrice-oiled hardwood board.

The 7" by 7" or 7" by 8" (approximate, varies slightly one to the next) board moves quickly around with from kitchen to table and makes for an exquisite presentation. 

Walnut is a close-grain hardwood, which makes for a smooth surface with small pores. 

These USA-made artisinal boards are hand-selected from local salvaged or reclaimed wood that is then kiln dried. Wild Woods follows the lead of the unique qualities of each piece of wood to determine its size, shape, and purpose. Each is unique, and each is stunning! 

After heavy use, as the years roll by, a quick sanding and re-oiling of the surface will bring your board back to its original glory. 

Wild Woods is a husband-and-wife team in Kansas City. For custom pieces of a larger size, please contact Bijou.

Please do not wash your board in a washing machine.