Propagation Stations

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Introducing our newest Iconic brand creation: propagation stations! Perfect for water propagation of all your favorite cuttings. (Our favorite is pothos! So fun!) They double as a vase when you have small flower cuttings that need the perfect home. 

MADE TO ORDER! Please allow an extra 5-7 days for shipping. 

We are currently offering walnut and mahogany options. Each station comes with three glass vases that fit securely into the wood.  The wood has a gloss finish to protect it from stray water drops, however it is not waterproof. Please use care when filling the vases with water. 

Handcrafted by Josh right here on our farm in Battle Lake, Minnesota. Propagation stations pictured are stock photos and not necessarily the exact one you will receive.  Please expect some variations between each piece as they are hand made.