Grapefruit & Mint Candle

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A personal favorite! 

Full of energy. Perfect blend of citrus and mint. Another great candle for those spaces you want to have a clean, energetic and happy vibe. Strong scent both while burning or just sitting with the cover off.

size: 3oz


About DoGood Adventures:

do good adventures makes hand-poured soy candles. Each candle is hand wicked and poured with 100% soy wax and fragrance oils.

do good started by making candles for my daughter's wedding in Summer 2018. I loved making them and I loved seeing the joy the guests had in receiving them. This led to making more candles and eventually selling at local events and online. "do good" has three different parts: my work as a school counselor encouraging high schoolers to do the right thing, the motto of the sorority to which my daughters and I belong, and my initials. It all just came together in a wonderful brand.

do good adventures strives to create thoughtfully curated candles to elevate the everyday. Our mission is to inspire people to think good, feel good, and do good. We, in turn, are doing good by donating a portion of profits to those in need.