Embroidery Kit

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If you are anything like me, you always have an itch for creating, but not a lot of time to gather your supplies and figure out your next steps. That is exactly why Thistle and Thread created this cactus illustration kit for hand embroidery so that you can easily start and finish a perfectly handcrafted project.

When she 
created this kit, Jordan Kavuma wanted to offer an experience of empowerment. Everything you need to create your embroidery piece, including an online stitch guide with video tutorials, comes packaged into your kit, ready to be transformed into your own unique work of art. She chose to pre-print the pattern onto the fabric so that you can just pop it into your hoop and get started without having to trace anything.

Thistle and Thread is a small, female-owned, business of one that is focused on producing products that inspire creativity and remind us of home.